Seasonal News 2021

12557 Pix RPET Pix ecologic fabricat din RPET, cu mină mare albastră, clips curbat. Logoul RPET este prezent pe pix. RPET pen Environmentally friendly, transparent ballpoint pen made of RPET with a large blue refill, curved clip, slightly offset grip zone and RPET logo. Your logo will be printed to the right of the clip. 14,8 × ø 1,1 cm | T1 | P 12557 14,8 × ø 1,1 cm | T1 | P Text original/ Original text Descrierea produsului / Text Definition Item number : Itemsize : Print group, Printing size : Packing Packings: K = Box, P = Polybag, NWP = Non Woven Pouch, VP = Verlorpouch, N = not single packed